Project Management Professional (PMP)®

Introduction and Course Overview
Managing a project is not easy and project management skills do not come naturally to many people.
Fortunately, the skills associated with defining and managing a project can be learned.
The Project Management Professional (PMP) ® is the world’s leading project management certification,
and this course will help you prepare for it. Now including predictive, agile, and hybrid approaches, the
PMP® proves that its holders have the project leadership experience and expertise to manage any
project. The certification also supercharges careers for project leaders across industries and helps
organizations find the people they need to work smarter and perform better. This course will prepare
participants for the PMP® exam by assisting them in understanding the new structure of the exam and
by discussing the exam’s requirements and analyzing its questions’ format.
Course attendees will gain the required skills, knowledge and attitude to improve their project
management performance and propose a high-end-valued projects ,products and services that serve
organizations’ strategies

Course &Learning Objectives
The main Objectives of the Project Management training (PMP) course are:

• Understand the Project Management Framework and its components
• Understand Project Knowledge Areas within the Framework
• Understand and refresh understanding of The PMBOK® Guide – (Latest edition).
• Identify and understand the key elements of the five (5) Project Management Process Groups.
• Identify and understand the knowledge areas you need to pass the PMP® Certificate exam.
• Identify and incorporate best practices relating to professional responsibility.
• Identify personal knowledge gaps and define areas to focus study on Prepare for the PMP®
Certificate exam.
• Develop / Manage study plan for taking the PMP® Certificate exam.
• Make the best use of their PMP® Certificate exam time.
• Understand a broader range of Project Management concepts, terms and skills
• Meet the 35 hour Project Management training requirement for the PMI

Who Should Attend

• Project Managers and
• Contractors
• Consultants
• Engineers from All Disciplines.
• Program Managers
• Project Team Members
• Functional Managers
• Executive Managers
• Management Consultants
• IT Project Managers
• Project Coordinators
• Project Analysts
• Team Leaders
• Project Management Professionals planning on taking the PMP

Course Content & outline :


  1. Module 1 -Project Management Framework & Integration
    • Introduction
    • Project Management lifecycle
    • Project Integration Management

  2. Module2 – Project Scope, Time & Stakeholders Management
    o Project Stakeholders Management
    o Project Scope Management
    o Project Time Management

  3. Module 3 – Project Cost, Quality & HR Management
    o Project Cost Management
    o Project Quality Management
    o Project Human Resource Management

  4.  Module 4 – Project Risk & Procurement Management
    o Project Risk Management
    o Project Procurement Management

  5.  Module 5 -Project Closure
    o Project Communications Management
    o Project Integration Management( part 2) Professional and Social Responsibility
     Agile Project Management Concept The PMP Certification Exam Requirements
    Applying for the Certificate and Exam

Course Duration:

The course will be delivered on 5days through each will take 3 hours with a total of 35 training hours.

Language of the Course:
• English and/or Arabic