Supervision of Construction Sites Training Program

Supervision of Construction Sites Training Program

This Construction Supervision Skills training course will feature the importance and relevance of efficient
and practical strategies necessary to achieve competency for professionals involved in Construction
Supervision. Construction Supervision is the culmination of events in a project’s lifecycle, which
encompasses feasibility, preliminary design, advanced design, procurement, and construction.
For the successful delivery of projects, supervision teams must understand the managerial and
supervision skills, in addition to their technical knowledge, that they need to have. Construction job sites
must be managed and supervised well and risk-free to ensure the likelihood of project success. There is
a potentially high risk and impact if it is not managed and supervised effectively. This course introduces
the practical tools to control the cost and as well the time during the project. Moreover, the final cost
and time for the project can be predicted based on the rates of achieving and the consumed money at
any time of the project.

This practical Course demonstrates, through real example and a review of project management
techniques and delivery systems, that it is possible to achieve your project objectives and also minimize
risks and disputes that can cause cost overruns, completion delays and lower quality of work. The
Course focuses on the various contract participants’ roles and responsibilities during the project life
cycle, from concept (need definition) to completion (project handover).

Course Objectives
The course aims to increase your knowledge of construction practices & control techniques, develop
your skills in management, contract field administration & decision-making, developing the necessary
management systems to deal with them, & establishing the project delivery system to use on site from
construction start-up until project handover.

By the end of this training course, the participants will be able to:
• Assess and control work methods, resources, and systems to meet site work requirements
• Contribute to controlling work quality, progress and cost at Construction Site
• Develop productive working relationships, manage changes, claims and resolve disputes
• Learn cost control and progress payment administration
• Lead project meetings and manage the performance of teams and individuals

Who Should Attend?

This Construction Supervision Skills training course is designed for persons who desire to learn practical site
management techniques that will assist them in completing work tasks, managing and matching key site
stakeholders’ expectations, establishing and maintaining priorities, and meeting deadlines for work and projects.
This training course is suitable for a wide range of Construction Project Management Professionals, civil
engineers and architects but will greatly benefit:
• Site Engineers
• Architects ,
• Contractors
• Cost Engineers
• Site Superintendents
• Construction Managers
• Project Management Professionals
• New Construction Project Professionals

Course Outline
Part One
Organization, Health and Safety


  • The participants: Owner, Contractor and subcontractors
  •  Roles and responsibilities
  •  Safety Management
  •  Basic Safety Rules
  •  Jobsite Conditions and Hazards
  •  Construction Equipment Safety
  •  Part Two
  •  Staffing, Facilities and Site Meetings
  •  Employer, Consultants, Contractors, Subcontractors
  •  Temporary buildings, utilities and services
  •  Security and Hazard control
  •  Kick-off Meeting
  •  Owner and Contractor’s Meetings

     Part Three
  •  Scheduling of Work and Monitoring of Work
  •  Master Schedule: Bar chart, Network logic, Line-of-Balance
  •  Communicating and Updating Schedules
  •  Project Control Cycle
  •  Information Gathering
  •  Supervision and Inspection

     Part Four
  •  Progress Reporting, Cost Control and Payments
  •  Factors Impacting Performance (Risks)
  •  Tracking Time, Cost and Quality
  •  Corrective Action
  •  Role of Quantity Surveyors / Cost Engineers
  •  Project Cash flow

     Part Five
  •  Changes, Problems in Construction and Dispute Resolution
  •  Causes of Change
  •  Managing Changes
  •  Claims and Disputes
  •  Arbitration and Mediation
  •  Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Techniques

    Duration of the Course:
     4 days from 9 am- 3 p