Women Entrepreneurship and Innovation Training Program

Despite developments made in gender equality, many gaps remain between males and females in realms such as education, employment and entrepreneurship. Beyond being a basic human right, women empowerment and gender equality is also a way to generate broad productivity gains. From a development perspective, empowering women and granting them equal rights in areas such as entrepreneurship and innovation has also positive spillover effects on key development outcomes, such as pro-poor growth and the achievement of the sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Women entrepreneurship is a growing field around the world. It is on the agenda of most international development agencies and multilateral organizations and is a focus of many foundations and civil society organizations.
However, women remain substantially under-represented as entrepreneurs,
even in countries where women’s participation in the labor market has been
constantly increasing.
Studies shows that internationalization, innovation, and entrepreneurship have positive effects on economic growth. Moreover, there is a positive relationship between them. In addition, female entrepreneurship is a key contributor to economic growth, not only by its creation of wealth and employment, but by the diversification of entrepreneurial activity.
Nevertheless, evidence shows that female entrepreneurs are less likely to export and to participate in research and technology. The goal of this program
is to contribute to the knowledge of entrepreneurial behavior, separating by
gender. Special attention will be given to the gender-related differences in
innovation and internationalization of entrepreneurs.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of Women Entrepreneurship & Innovation Forum,
attendees are able to:
• Understand the concept of entrepreneurship
• Recognize the gender-based barriers of entrepreneurship
• Discuss various types of women entrepreneurship promotion (WEP)
• Explain how WEP can affect women businesses
• Apply creative methods and technology to overcome gender barriers
• Identify where to look for business opportunities
• Develop their strategic view and the risks come with it
• Decide who should be in their management team
• Define development and milestones, and create their exit plan
• Discuss modes and traits of Innovation and participation of Women
in it
• Role of women in STEM fields

Course Outline & program title
 Course Outline and agenda:
• Models of innovation, concepts, and definitions;.
• Business Model Innovation.
• Enablers and barriers for entrepreneurship.
• Validating your idea, & pitching your business
• Traits for women entrepreneurs.
• Developing a growth mindset
• Mindset and innovation, incubation systems.
• Innovation policy and foresight.
• Women in STEM
• Case study
• Case study; simulations; discussions and foresight.
• Duration Of the course is (3 days)